The website is co-financed under the Operational Program of Competitiveness and Cohesion, from the European Structural and Investment Funds.


Project name:

Real-time accounting and bookkeeping services

Short description of the

KUPU-MONT d.o.o. is made up of experts who know business processes and valid law regulations, and actively accompany business practitioners in their day-to-day business and organization.

In addition to regular, real-time accounting and bookkeeping services,
they mean easy and fast access to information and business documentation.
SMEs often face situations where they need to allocate a considerable amount of time in finding business data and gathering business documentation. This project allows SMEs by using the website to contact the Service staff directly through Chat. By this, they can query, ask for specific information or documentation that they need. Service staff immediately receives and processes the request and sends feedback to the  client. At the same time, if the specific documentation is electronic, the same becomes available to the client.

In order to ensure the strengthening of the market position and increase the competitiveness, we apply quality marketing solutions. With this project we ensured the creation of a website.

Objective and expected result
of the project:

The goal is a representative website. The expected result is an increased competitiveness in the EU market.

Total project value:

Amount co-financed by the EU:

Project implementation period:
from 12.10.2018. to 10/11/2021.

Contact person for more

Morana Barbara Lučić

GSM +385 (0) 99 366 9 366