We take care of all documentation

You are bothered by the lack of time to perform administration, lack of will, knowledge or space for all that? We take care of our documentationYou are bothered by the lack of time to perform administration, lack of will, knowledge or space for all that? 

Operate neatly and safely with the administrative office:

… no hired administrator, salary, vacation and sick leave

… without extra office space, furniture and computer equipment

Administrative tasks include creating, receiving, controlling, recording and archiving business documentation. 

Besides that, they include telephone jobs correspondence, sending / receiving emails, collecting offers, ordering goods or services, invoicing, collection of receivables, registration / deregistration of employees, organization of medical examinations, drafting of contracts, monitoring of public competitions, drafting travel orders, completing working hours, payment transactions, proper archiving of documentation, correspondence with accounting and preparation of documentation, drafting promotional materials, going to the bank, tax administration, FINA and all other activities according to the specifics of the business.

Administrative tasks are related to all business segments, covering a lot of different activities and require engagement. They are required for monitoring ongoing operations, creation and control of documentation, but also for servicing partners, associates, accounting, bookkeeping, employees and government bodies. No business can work without administration. As simple as administrative work may be, if it’s not performed or is performed poorly and belatedly it will have a bad impact on the whole business. It can easily turn into a problem that does not disappear but only increases.



The complete documentation can be received electronically. All documentation is organized online and available to you as a user at any time.
Save your time and money